Study Medicine Abroad in English : The Caribbean

Study Medicine Abroad in English : The Caribbean

Studying medicine abroad in English has become very popular thanks to the high disparity in capacity of medical universities in different countries and student’s demand.  Most students who want to study medicine abroad in English, first and foremost, concerned about the language of instruction,  admission prerequisites, quality of education, degree recognition, tuition fees and living expenses.

Medical universities  abroad , like the Caribbean , where medical study program in English have been designed for international medical students is the best option to study medicine and become Doctor.

Study Medicine Abroad in English – The Caribbean Islands

There are two kinds of Medical schools (universities) in Caribbean- Offshore Medical Schools and local public schools. Offshore medical universities also called American offshore medical schools  are often specified in the Medical Doctor degree in English, and follow USA curriculum as they usually only offer two years of basic science study and use teaching hospitals or clinics in US or Canada (sometimes in UK) for clinical training.

Like studying medicine in USA, studying  medicine in Caribbean, once students, complete their clinical and pass another standardized exam (clinical), they graduate with an M.D. degree, then go on to post-graduate residency training before becoming a licensed physician. All medical courses in English in Caribbean are designed for international students especially from USA and Canada, but also from other countries from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Studying medicine in Caribbean has become attractive for international medical students. The admission process and criteria more favorable, reasonable tuition fees, English programs, tropical environment, and clinical rotation outside of Caribbean are some of the advantage of studying medicine in Caribbean.

Study Medicine Abroad in English – The Caribbean Advantages 

Applying to a Caribbean medical University, students have more chance of being admitted the programme than applying to USA, Canadian and British medical universities. Medical programs are especially designed for international medicals students and the competition for admission is less than in USA, Canada or UK.

Reasonable Tuition fees : Study Medicine Abroad in English – The Caribbean Advantages 

Tuition fees for the  Caribbean medical Universities is much cheaper compared to the costs of other U.S. medical Universities (both public and private).This gives students less debt after they graduate.

US based Clinical Training : Study Medicine Abroad in English – The Caribbean Advantages 

Caribbean medical universities are affiliated with numerous teaching hospitals (in USA, Canada, and India etc.); it gives students the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations throughout the United States. Therefore, Caribbean university students have the opportunities to practice in Caribbean and outside during their clinical studies, which give them more advantage in residency applications and when they become physicians in USA, Canada and India.


 AIMU is an institutional partner of Washington Medical Science institute and Government of Saint Lucia. AIMU’s US Campus /Clinical Admin is centrally located at the Washington Adventist University and Hospital Campus, Takoma Park, Maryland, USA.

AIMU is one of the new generation medical schools, which offers residency focused on USMLE centred programs and a 4 Year accelerated MD program with high standards. This MD program is fully accredited and widely recognized in the USA

AIMU’s pre-medicals and clinical rotations are offered in St. Lucia, in the Caribbean. Clinical Rotations are also offered though AIMU’s affiliate hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, London, Ireland and in India

AIMU  has Partnerships and affiliations with various renowned institutions and organizations such as:

  • Washington Adventist University, USA
  • The Ministry of Health – Government of Saint Lucia

AIMU’s  Programmes are also widely listed and recognized by many organizations including:

  • ECFMG (listed with FAIMER’s IMED)
  • World Health Organization
  • Medical Council of India
  • Medical Council of Canada

Please contact us for more details. It is your best chance to study medicine abroad in English with an affordable cost.