International medical university : Study in US curriculum

International medical university : Study in US curriculum

There are very good medical schools in other countries and, in some instances, it may be easier to gain admission to a International medical university than in your country’s medical schools.  Some students who are driven to enter  medical school right out of college should recall that it is advisable to consider  other International Medical Universities as well.

At American International medical university many aspiring medical students from different countries come to  pursue a medical education, and then return to their countries to fulfill their dream of practicing as a physician. American International medical university gives you an opportunity to  studying in a foreign environment, being immersed in a different language and culture, help you to  secure residencies in the U.S., helping you passing the boards, etc.,

International Medical University Studies : US curriculum

University medical study in the US is a 4 year course divided into two roughly equal components: pre-clinical (consisting of didactic courses in the basic sciences) and clinical (clerkships consisting of rotations through different wards of a teaching hospital). This program leads to Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) depending on the medical school; both degrees allow the holder to practice medicine after completing an accredited residency program.

American International Medical University

Finally, it’s important to remember that medical training is structured differently in different countries, and medical qualifications gained in one country are not necessarily recognized in others. So before deciding on a location for your medical studies, make sure you think carefully about where you’d like to go on to work, and the process required to complete your qualification.When choosing where to study medicine, in English-taught programmes, we know it is vital for you to study at the most reputable universities. AIMU is an accredited institution, recognized internationally and are high ranking, listed in all known directories of internationally renowned medical schools (WHO, IMED, etc.)

American International Medical University located in Saint Lucia, is an independent affiliate of AIMU International Group, one of the premier Caribbean medical schools offering courses in Medicine and Nursing.

American International Medical University (AIMU) is an institutional partner of Washington Medical Science institute and the Government of Saint Lucia. AIMU’s US Campus /Clinical Admin is centrally located at the Washington Adventist University and Hospital Campus, Takoma Park, Maryland, USA.

AIMU offers prerequisites and support programs at the above mentioned campuses. AIMU is one of the new generation medical schools, which offers residency focused on USMLE centred programs and a 4 Year accelerated MD program with high standards. This MD program is fully accredited and widely recognized in the USA and other countries.