AIMU AMSA Medical Field Trip

AIMU AMSA Medical Field Trip

AMSA AIMU International Chapter conducted a field trip for the St. Lucian school students from the ages of 8 years and up. This event began with the visiting students entering the main hall of AIMU where the medical students gave a small presentation to peek their interests. From there, the exhibition continued down into the physical diagnosis lab where the visiting students were introduced to a simulated hospital setting. Here the AIMU medical students greeted them by conducting blood pressure checks, basic ophthalmology tests, and so on.

The students were then taken to the microbiology lab where they were introduced to some microbiology tools and instruments used in organic chemistry and microbiological procedures. The visiting students interests’ were peaked as they asked endless questions regarding the various procedures. From here the tour trailed into the next hall where the AIMU students were prepared with poster presentations about various organs of the body, including the brain, heart, kidneys, five senses, lungs, and digestive system. The visiting students showed great interest in the human organs especially.

The last stop of the tour was the AIMU anatomy laboratory. The students were shown how x-rays are examined, the various types of microscopes, human bones, stages of fetal development in the uterus, and manikins with detachable organs. The highlight of the exhibition for the students was the ability to observe and examine the organs of the body, surgical implants on fractured human bones, and lastly, for those students that were of appropriate age, the human cadaver. The students thoroughly quenched their curiosities and expressed that they enjoyed the day’s events. This exhibition was also a good opportunity for the medical students to interact with younger students. Following the entire exhibition the visiting students were provided with refreshments and had a few photo ops with the medical students of AIMU.

The appreciable interest of “The International School” of St. Lucia and the extended cooperation of the American International Medical University to the AMSA International Chapter made this event a huge success!

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Medical Field Trip October 26 - 2015

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