Diwali Celebration at AIMU

Diwali Celebration at AIMU

Diwali Celebration-The Festival of Lights at AIMU campus held at  Wednesday November 11th, 2015.

All students got dressed in  traditional wear and also came  prepared to display their  talents and skills.

The Agenda for the celebration was

1. “Festivals of Lights competition” (Diya Competition) from 2pm-3:30pm in the hallway of the ground floor (near Receptionist desk)

* Duration is 1hr 30 mins and each group should have 3-5 members

2. Prayer at 4:00pm followed by the announcement of prices for Light competition by judges.

3. Dinner  from 5pm -6pm

4. Cultural events  from 6:00 pm.

The Diwali Celebration concluded with the famous Caribbean  fire dance !!!

Flickr Album of the Diwali Celeberation

Diwali Celebration- 2015