World Diabetes Day Observed

World Diabetes Day Observed

AMSA  AIMU organised a  Diabetes Check-Up Camp on World Diabetes Day on  14th of November, from 10am to 5pm in the Bay Walk Mall Piazza, Rodney Bay.

Details for the event are as follows.

The Diabetes Camp was free event for general public health and awareness.

This event included

◘ Screening for pre-diabetic tendencies including:

Blood pressure checks
BMI Calculations
Family history and stress evaluations
◘ Free Blood Glucose testing

◘ Spreading general awareness about Diabetes and measures to help people in general

◘ Diabetes management

◘ Sugar free food sampling

◘ Diet planning for diabetics

◘ Nutrition management for population suitable to St.Lucian locality


All attendees also had  a seminar with Dr. Aisha Cox prior to the event to attain more knowledge for the event and to prepare themselves. This seminar  was held on Friday the 13th of November starting at 12pm.

Flickr Album on the events

World Diabetes Day 2015