AMSA AIMU Executive board of 2016-2017 gets appreciation

AMSA AIMU Executive board of 2016-2017 gets appreciation

AMSA International Chapter at American International university aims to further the co-curricular skills and capabilities of students of AIMU. At AIMU, AMSA chapter works rigorously for the academic advancement of students and exposure to professional situations in the field. During the academic year September 2016 – August 2017, The AMSA Executive committee including the chapter leaders exemplified AMSA goals at AIMU by continuing the tradition of organizing the AMSA AIMU Clinical and Surgical Skills lab, The AMSA AIMU Annual Convention and many other inventive outreach and educational Programs. The Executive committee were recognized for their hard work and appreciated by the Dean of AIMU – Dr.John Klir. The student leaders were presented with certificates of appreciation. Their efforts along with the year full of educational experiences provided through AMSA AIMU would be cherished. The AMSA AIMU Executive board of 2016-2017 is represented by:

-President: Sai Nikhil konduru,

Vice-President: Chueliyadao Rajasekhar,

Secretary: Shivani Mallella,

PRO: Selvin Romario,

Treasurer: Sai Krishna Mandula,

Members associate– Robin Matthew,

Student Board adviser – M Sai Sankeerth.

The responsibility now falls on the Executive board elected for the year 2017-2018 to bring in more and support the prosperity of AIMU students.