AIMU organised ‘Research Day 2018’

AIMU organised ‘Research Day 2018’

AIMU Research Day 2018 enabled students and faculty to share their research work and learn about scholarly endeavors beyond their own areas of study. The First AIMU Research Day was held on Friday, February 23rd.  The Research Day celebrates intellectual curiosity across disciplines of health care. Students from the basic and clinical sciences and faculty members showcased their research through poster presentations. The list of student and faculty presenters is shown below. Dr. C. Rose, Assoc Professor of Behavioral Science delivered the keynote presentation on “Stress among Medical Students” utilizing data from a five-year review of literature (2012-2017).

Update : Download the Student Posters here 


Sl. No. Poster Title Presenter(s)
1 Depression- a common cold of mental disorders Aakanksha Pallepati

Rutvika Kandhakatla Raghavendra Yarra

2 Heroin Addiction: ‘The Unleashed Monster Of A Modern American Society’ Adnan Mohammed Melethil; Kamilla Miller
3 Effect of Laughter Therapy on Depression Among Senior Citizens Residing in Selected Old Age Homes Akhil Kumar
4 Adolescent Females with Primary Dysmenorrhea are at high risk for developing Anxiety & Depressive Disorders: A Literature Review Anuj M. Kakkad

Sini T Saju

Sagarkumar J Patel

Kon Jumshi

5 Cancer: The Rising Evil Among The Caribbean Devesh Bhat
6 Highlighting the benefits of using reusable menstrual cup compared to traditional sanitary pads or tampons Kon Jumshi

Abdullah A Thani

Anuj M Kakkad

Sini T Saju

Sagarkumar J. Patel

7 Case study on Staphylococcus aureus vertebral osteomyelitis ’ Lincy Thomas
8 ARDS and Management in Critical care settings. Sai Sankeerth Madakasira

Akanksha Reddy Annadi

9 Ischemic colitis with Gangrene. Sini T Saju

Anuj M Kakkad

Jumshi Kon

Sagar Patel

10 Brainstem Death due to hypertension induced brain hemorrhage. Sreeraj Suresh
11 Long Hour Posture Lock In Software Professionals Leads to Anterior Pelvic Tilt Ch Uday Kiran
12 Investigation of how different pH solutions affect a single concentration of the pectinase enzyme for the production of green anjou pear juice from pear (Pyrusanjou) pulp Sumanth Busireddy
13 Student feedback about the inaugural AIMU Health Humanities module Shankar PR

Rose C