AIMU organizes Nursing day

AIMU organizes Nursing day

AIMU School of Nursing celebrated Nurses Day on 23rd May 2018 from 10am to 12 midday, with an opening prayer by a nursing student and welcome address by Mrs. Amsa Elumalai, coordinator of the Nursing Department. In attendance were twenty (20) nursing students, staff members from the Nursing Department, Dean of Medicine Dr. Ravi, Campus Administrator Mr. Urban Dolor, the Registrar, Mrs. Sahana Gigi and other invited guests of American International Medical University.

Mrs. Leon, Associate Dean of Nursing addressed the students and highlighted the International Council of Nurses Theme which was “NURSES A VOICE TO LEAD – HEALTH IS A HUMAN RIGHT” . Mrs. Leon stressed the importance of health for all regardless of when and where the need arises. Health care must be universal. There should be no discrimination against person or persons seeking health care regardless of who the individual seeking care is.

Dr Ravi in his address focused on Nurses in the past and highlighted his presentation with Florence Nightingale, and the emergence of modern nursing. The nursing program was changed from apprenticeship program at Victoria Hospital to full time student status at Sir Arthur Lewis Community college in Saint Lucia. Student nurses were now under the “umbrella” of the Ministry of Education and not Ministry of Health as was previously.

Mr. Dolor spoke about the nurses’ importance to the healing of the patient and to their emotional well-being. Mr. Elumalai Professor in the nursing department gave an insight into nurse’s week in India.

The activities included a song, and a dance which were executed by the students from the nursing Department.

The presentations were very educational and the students’ participation was exceptional. The master of ceremonies was conducted by a student nurse who did a wonderful job. The vote of thanks was given by a nursing student. There was full participation by students and we look forward to similar events in future.

Mrs. Grissel M. Leon