5.5 year MD – Saint Lucia & US – Yearly fees

ItemFees in USD
Application fee200.00
Administrative & Enrollment Fee2,500.00
Total one- time Fees2,700.00
Pre- Clinical/Basic Science – FEE will remain the same till Intake September 2018
CMED Fees9,600.00
Phase 1 (St. Lucia)12,000.00
Phase 2 (St. Lucia)12,000.00
Clinical Rotation (USA) – with immediate effect
Phase 3 (USA) 28,000.00
Phase 4 (Jamaica/Trindad)28,000.00
Total tuition fees for MD Program 89,600.00

Malpractice Insurance for (st. Lucia//Jamaica/Trinidad)    $ 2,850.00

Other fees: SGA Fees . AMSA Fees, Standardized exam fee, Graduation fee, Health insurance.

Accommodation and housing (if residing in hostel and eating from the canteen)