Warm greetings from the American International Medical University.

The American International Medical University is working hard to ensure its graduates are ready and prepared to practice medicine tomorrow. The epigram of the school is Healthcare Innovations to serve humanity. The academic leadership has the knowledge, the expertise and the experience to support you on your journey of becoming a doctor.

AIMU offers a modern medical curriculum which is constantly monitored for effectiveness and provides opportunities for problem-stimulated learning, self-directed learning, interprofessional education, health humanities, healthcare innovation and access to online learning resources. Our core rotations are conducted at accredited hospitals in the United States and at the renowned University of West Indies (UWI) hospitals. Recognizing the importance of faculty members staying abreast of recent developments in their areas and in medical education AIMU conducts regular faculty development sessions. This ensures that you learn using modern, effective teaching-learning methods and are equipped to stay up-to-date with recent developments.


University’s academica is organized into 3 schools¬†

Important Events

  • 5.00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • Saint Lucia Resort & Spa
Ninth Convocation and White Coat Ceremony