Phd in Medical Education

AIMU is pleased to offer exciting postgraduate research programs in Medical Education for domestic and international students.

The study of Medical Education covers a range of topics related to learning, teaching, assessment and leadership within the context of training and education of medical professionals. Some of the main focusi in the field are: quality of teaching and learning, learners’ experiences, assessment and evaluation, standard setting, curriculum development, ethics and professionalism in medical education, continuing education, clinical and/or educational supervision, simulation, clinical competency, student selection, collaborative learning, psychological and cultural issues in medical education, the use of information technology and multimedia in medical education and related topics.

Research in Medical Education may apply quantitative, qualitative or a mixed methods approach. These approaches may lead to the development of new theories or practices in Medical Education; design, implementation and evaluation of educational interventions; and systematic reviews and meta analyses on selected topics. All such studies are expected to advance the field of Medical Education.

The programs will be of interest to applicants seeking to develop their career in Medical Education. Ideally students will have some previous research background (Honours degree, Master by Research, authorship of published research, etc.) in related fields. Previous experience/qualification in education, psychology or a clinical discipline is essential.

Customarily PhD in Medical Education is a three year full-time program but part time enrolment is possible with extended study period. PhD students in our program are supported by at least two experienced supervisors, with expertise in medical education. Normally students undertake their research activities on university campus. However, if necessary arrangements may be made in circumstances where it is desirable to undertake the research at collaboration locations.

Program Description

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is recognition of successful research experience. This degree requires an original and significant contribution to knowledge in an approved filed. The degree requires a minimum of 3 years full-time study and preparation of a thesis.

Program Objectives and Graduate Attributes

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy may be awarded by AIMU on the recommendation of the Research Committee of the appropriate faculty or board (referred to as the Committee) to a candidate who has made an original and significant contribution to knowledge.


The candidate may undertake the research as an internal student at AIMU campus or its associated institutions including teaching hospital, other research facilities, or as an external student not in attendance at the University campus except for periods as may be prescribed by the Committee.The approved applicant may undertake their enrollment with a full-time or part-time course at the University; the Committee may permit a candidate to spend a period in the field, within another institution or elsewhere away from the University if it is satisfied that this is necessary to the research program and provided that the work can be supervised in a manner satisfactory to the Committee.If the candidate’s research work is based externally, there must be a minimum acceptable level of supervision that will be determined by the Committee. Normally an external candidate within another organization or institution will have a co-supervisor at that institution.


A candidate shall be required to undertake an original investigation on a topic approved by the Committee and may also be required to undergo such examination and perform such other work as may be prescribed by the Committee. The work shall be carried out under the direction of a supervisor appointed by the Committee from the academic staff of the University.

Entry Requirements

A primary medical qualification and Master’s level study, preferably in the field of education or medical education, from AIMU or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard.

English Language Requirements

  • If your education has not been conducted in the English language, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency.
  • The English language level for this programme is: Standard6


A PhD in medical education prepares graduates for a substantive future career as an educational researcher. Whilst many clinical practitioners will continue to practice in healthcare; this award carries with it the opportunity to develop an academic role either in undergraduate or postgraduate education. The doctoral qualifications will help graduates to attain high quality positions as consultants or academics in university with complementary roles in medical education with local/national and international influence.


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