Eligibility for MD Program

The following are prerequisites for entrance into the Doctor of Medicine program:

Total of 90 college credit hours of pre-medical courses are required for admission into the Doctor of Medicine program at AIMU.

1 semester of General and/or Inorganic Chemistry, with laboratory portion.
1 semester of Organic Chemistry, with laboratory portion to this class
2 semesters of Biology or Zoology
2 semesters of Physics
2 semesters of English
2 semesters Mathematics
Applicants who have not met the pre-requisite courses to enter the Doctor of Medicine Program will need to complete 4 semesters or 2 semesters of the Pre-Medical Sciences Program as the case may be.

How to start the  application process?

Academic transcripts must be sent via email to the Admissions Office cara@aimu-edu.us for evaluation to determine eligibility.

The transcript must be submitted along with the completed Application Form, Passport copy, Personal Statement and 2 Letters of Recommendation.

Once all requirements are met, the provisional offer letter is issued.