NCLEX Review Course

NCLEX Review Course at AIMU

NCLEX REVIEW Course is offered at AIMU from semester 08 to semester 11 through the KAPLAN online Registration and preparation guides (Text books). A KAPLAN coordinator will facilitate teaching and guiding the students to resource material and preparing them towards the success of NCLEX examination.

Online Study Center

Complimentary 3-month, 24/7 access to online Study Center, including video-streamed question and content-review lectures, orientation, test-taking workshop, strategy seminar and more.

Integrated Testing with NCLEX Exam Review Course:

  • Secure formed end-of-course tests, standard or customized.
  • Exit tests that predict NCLEX –RN Exam success
  • Focused Review Practice tests
  • Robust Remediation Resources
  • KAPLAN Basics book
  • Monitoring Student use of online remediation resources
  • Individual student and cohort reporting
  • Interactive online case studies
  • Diagnostic exam
  • Kaplan Readiness Exam
  • Online Question trainer
  • RN Q-bank with over 1300 practice questions