Kelvin Jean heads Jean’s Accounting Services (in association with other qualified Accounting and Financial experts) and has over 20 years’ experience in the Accounting, Auditing and Finance professions and providing consultancy services to a wide cross section of the St. Lucian business community.

To provide sound financial advice to the Board of Directors ensuring that an appropriate financial framework is in place to guide the company’s financial decision making. Responsible for the preparation of short and long term institutional budget/operating plans. Pinpoint analyses and review weaknesses in the operating and capital budgets.

Preparing profit centers and variance analysis reports based on agreed budgets with suppliers.  The provision of strategic direction and the promoting of the company’s long term growth and financial stability. Maintain contact with bankers, investment managers, pension advisors and auditors. Coordination of Strategic planning and project development. Responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity of departmental and organizational operations through the provision of effective methods and strategies. Overseeing the logistics, warehousing and supply – chain functions. Responsible for the computer information system of the company with specific responsibility for the ERP (sage/Accpac) function. Develop a comprehensive budget process highlighting and giving reasons for variances. This process entailed short, medium and long term budgeting. Mechanization and computerization of the warehouse function. Set up of a fully functional IT Department moving away from out sourcing. Established profit center reporting, ensuring that resources are allocated based on approved budgets. Successfully negotiated major Warehouse acquisitions and established a major Distribution center in the South of the Island. Oversee major growth and recorded major wealth creation for shareholders.

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