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Session on social issues in use of medicines

A variety of social issues ranging from cost of medicines, cultural beliefs, inadequate knowledge, and aggressive pharmaceutical promotion among others influence the use of medicines. Unfortunately this issue does not get the attention it deserves during medical school. Dr Shankar has been facilitating sessions on social issues in use of medicines for over 15 years. […]

Orientation program School of Nursing

The orientation was held on the 8th May, 2018, in the media room and commenced at 9.00 am. Eighteen (18) students were present. The orientation commenced with a prayer by a student, followed by introduction of faculty members by the nursing coordinator Mrs. Amsa Elumalai. Mr. Elumalai, Assistant Professor in the nursing department spoke about […]

Orientation programme for Students

Orientation programme for Students  to be held at 10th May 2018.   Topic Time Speaker/facilitator Introduction to AIMU 8.30-8.45 AM President Margoles Overview of various academic programs offered at AIMU 8.45-9 AM Executive Dean Klir MD program at AIMU 9-9.20 AM Dean Ravi Why you should care about accreditation 9.20-9.30 AM Assoc Dean Bala Student services […]

The MD5 students facilitate learning sessions for the MD4 students

The MD5 students, Mr Sreeraj Suresh and Ms Lincy Thomas facilitated learning sessions for the MD4 students in Pharmacology during the Spring 18 semester. They facilitated topics in CNS Pharmacology under the guidance of Dr Shankar, Professor of Pharmacology. Dr Shankar shared with the students and the student facilitators, the slides of the sessions and […]

CAAM-HP site visit

The American International Medical University (AIMU) has long recognized the importance of accreditation and of offering a high quality education to our students. A team from the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) visited AIMU and affiliated clinical teaching sites at Jamaica and Chicago, United States. The on site […]

Second health humanities module conducted

The second health humanities module was conducted during the Spring 18 semester. Dr Rose and Dr Ravi were the facilitators. Nurse Amsa from the School of Nursing also facilitated a few sessions. The second semester medical students and students from the school of Nursing participated. Due to their clinical duties nursing students could not participate […]

AMSA-AIMU organizes Healthy Lifestyle session for school students

On March 23rd, 2018 secondary school students visited AIMU. The topic of our presentation was “Healthy Lifestyle”. Information was provided to the medical students on personal and oral hygiene, food and nutrition, exercise and vaccination. The medical students addressed important topics like usage of alcohol, illicit drug and smoking. The secondary school students had a […]