Medical school success – guidance for newcomers

Medical school studying is not like college studying. Most of us succeeded at college by cramming just before exams. But that technique won’t work in med school. There is just too much information coming your way and it’s coming fast. Miss a lecture or two whether in person or online and it’s hard to catch […]

Tips for medical graduates for choosing specialities

Depending on your interests, capabilities, and motivations, there are many different careers for  who choose to study medicine. Some have clear vision about what they want to become, but for others  the decision on which specialty to choose is not an easy one. Becoming a certain type of doctor because you think it will make […]

Note on USMLE Exam Step 3

After completing your medical studies , if you want to  practice medicine in US, you’ll have to clear the qualifying exams  called USMLEs – United States Medical Licensing Examinations. There are four exams in total – Step 1, Step2 CK, Step 2 CS and Step 3. USMLE Step 1 – This exam is written after […]

Note on Hospital Residency in US

The hospital residency program is a paid medical training experience program that is conducted for medical graduates who have successfully completed their medical specialization. The residency program in the United States is hospital based. Medical graduates gain medical instruction and supervised medical experience within the hospital, working with patients in the area of their medical […]

Get scholarship to study health sciences and medicine

The constant need for qualified health care professional has led to an abundance of scholarship opportunities from a diverse range of sources. Private industry, state and local governments, colleges and universities all provide ample funding opportunities for the serious health sciences students. Depending on the desired field of study, students will find a wide array […]

Note on Internship – medical degree in the US

Medical graduates in the US go to residency directly after graduation and first year of residency is usually considered as internship. Please note that there is no internship in the US that is similar to the ones offered in India or other ‘British medical system’ countries. In the United States, completion of an internship is […]

Procedure to get Medical Residency in US – AIMU

In the US medical degrees are only available at post-graduate level. Unlinke many other countries like UK and India , US follow a different curriculum for obtaining a medical degree and license to practice. They have a Pre-Med (four years of Undergraduate programme), MD programme (Four years) and USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 1, […]

How to Excel in Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations are a big deal for a variety of reasons. Rotations provide you with a glimpse at what a certain specialty of medicine involves. Going through rotations may help you decide what area of medicine you want to pursue. You will also be interacting with doctors, nurses and other staff. Learning how to work […]