New Students
Warm greetings from the American International Medical University.

Medicine is at the crossroads. The pace of change today is faster than ever before in history and will accelerate exponentially in the coming days. Preparing for the practice of medicine tomorrow is a difficult and daunting task. How do you ensure that your education today prepares you for practice tomorrow? The American International Medical University is working hard to ensure its graduates are ready and prepared to practice medicine tomorrow. The epigram of the school is Healthcare Innovations to serve humanity. The academic leadership has the knowledge, the expertise and the experience to support you on your journey of becoming a doctor.

The chair of the Board of Governors is Dr Ephrem who has over forty years of education and administrative experience and has been involved in implementation of infrastructure upgrades and technology implementation. Dr Margoles the President of the University has both a PhD and a Master’s in Education degree and is an expert in accreditation, student counseling, faculty development and academic administration with over 30 year leadership experience. Dr Klir, the Executive Dean and Chief Academic Officer has both a PhD and a MD degree and has combined experience of more than 25 years in academic medicine, medical research, clinical medicine, and administration, with 10 years in the Caribbean region. Mr Dolor, the Campus Administrator is a seasoned academician and was the Principal of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, a renowned institution of higher learning in the West Indies. Dr Balasubramanium, the Associate Dean for Quality Assurance and Accreditation has over a decade of experience in medical education and is completing his Master’s degree in Medical Education from Keele University in the United Kingdom. Dr Shankar, the Dean of Medicine has completed a fellowship in Health Professions Education from the prestigious PSGFAIMER Regional Institute in Coimbatore, India and has over 18 years of experience in Nepal and the Caribbean region. Dr Shankar has over 630 publications in various journals. Our faculty members are seasoned academicians with many years of teaching experience. Many of them have extensive research interests and have published in medical journals and authored books and book chapters.

AIMU offers a modern medical curriculum which is constantly monitored for effectiveness and provides opportunities for problem-stimulated learning, self-directed learning, interprofessional education, health humanities, healthcare innovation and access to online learning resources. Our core rotations are conducted at accredited hospitals in the United States and at the renowned University of West Indies (UWI) hospitals. Recognizing the importance of faculty members staying abreast of recent developments in their areas and in medical education AIMU conducts regular faculty development sessions. This ensures that you learn using modern, effective teaching-learning methods and are equipped to stay up-to-date with recent developments.

Being a doctor tomorrow is challenging, difficult but intensely rewarding. For a medical school of its size AIMU has among the richest concentration of educational and leadership talent. Let our leadership with over 150 combined years of educational and leadership experience guide, counsel and support you in your journey of becoming a ‘five-star’ doctor equipped and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Come experience the warmth of the islands!


AIMU University Executive Council