School committees

AIMU School of Medicine Committees (April, 2018)

Curriculum Committee

Dr P Ravi Shankar (Chair)
Dr G Dakubo (Member secretary)
Dr A Cox
Dr C Rose
Dr G Garg
Dean of Clinical
Dr Okolo, Dr Doshi, Dr Montgomery (Clinical Dept. Chairs)
Dr R Balasubramanium (Clinical & Quality assurance representative)
Library representative

Students (Basic Science)

Ms Vaishnavi Nagamanickam (Clinical student, Chicago)
Ukeme Isobara (Clinical student, UWI)
Mr Adnan
Ms Gift


Admissions Committee

Dr A Cox (Chair)
Ms C Ghirawoo (Member secretary)
Dr C Rose
Dean of Clinical
Dr Doshi
Associate Dean of Admissions
Mr Sreenath


Student Promotions Committee

Dr Andrew Abue (Chair) Ms Sahana Salins (Member secretary)
Dr A Cox
Dr J Abner
Dr Doshi


Disciplinary and Grievances Committee

Dr G Dakubo (Chair) Ms S Santos (Member secretary)
Dr T Emmanuel
Mr Dolor
Dr G Garg
Dr A Abue
Students (Basic Science, Clinical Science)


Examination Committee

Dr G Dakubo (Chair)
Dr P Ravi Shankar
Dr A Cox
Dr M Domanski (External expert, United States)


Research Committee

Dr G Dakubo (Chair)
Dr A Abue (Member secretary)
Associate Dean of Research
Associate Dean of Community Health Services
Dr C Rose
Students (Basic Science, Clinical Science)


Institutional Review Board

Dr P Ravi Shankar (Chair) Dr C Rose (Member Secretary)
Dr G Dakubo
Mr U Dolor
Dr Courage
Prof Azmi (External expert, USM, Malaysia)
Mr S Bhandary (External expert, PAHS, Nepal)


Quality Assurance Steering Committee

Dr G Dakubo (Chair) Dr A Cox (Member secretary)
Dr P Ravi Shankar
Dean of Clinical
Executive Dean
Students (Basic Science, Clinical)


University Executive Council

Dr J Klir
Dr P Ravi Shankar
Dr R Balasubramanium
Mr U Dolor


Faculty council executive members

Dr C Rose (Chair)
Dr A Cox (Vice Chair)
Dr A James (Member Secretary)


Community health services and training committee

Dr James
Dr Cox
Dr Garg
Associate Dean of Community Health Services


Library Committee 

Chairperson –Dr. Guarav Garg (Appointed by Dean/Academics)

Vice Chairperson – Mrs. Amsa Elumalai (Appointed by the Faculty)

Student Council Representative – Ms. Satya Varaharsha

Medical Student Representative – Mr. Fodio Abdulaziz

Nursing Student Representative – Mrs. Gina Henry Louis

Audio Visual Lab Representative – Mr. Arun Ramchandran

Librarian (Ex-Officio Secretary) – Mrs. Vanesta Moses-Felix